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Record and Examination Section


The examination section is performing following duties:

  1. Maintaining students previous and current record in master register
  2. Keeping record in student’s personal files.
  3. Verification of last degree of students from their respective boards/ universities
  4. Issuance of Provisional, Surety and Passed Courses Certificates.
  5. Process of Cases for Equivalency of Subjects.
  6. Verification of Courses with Scheme of Studies approved by Academic Council and Board of Studies of respective batches.
  7. Preparation of Examination schedule/date sheet.
  8. Setting up examination centers and making security arrangements for the center.
  9. Arrangements for Sessional and Terminal Examination
  10. Close monitoring the activities of Staff and Students during Terminal Exam
  11. Printing/Photocopying of Sessional and Terminal Examination papers.
  12. Printing of Exam entry coupons.
  13. Uploading of Terminal Examination Marks submitted by all faculty members.
  14. Printing and issuance of 50% and Final Award Lists to the concerned Faculty members.
  15. Declaration of Result Notification.
  16. Forwarding of Final Result Notification/List of Medalist/Pass out students Performa to Principal Seat, for preparation of Merit Certificates and Degrees.
  17. Get Degrees/Merit Certificates from Controller of Examination (Principal Seat Office) and handing over to concerned student after submission of CIIT, Dept Clearances by the student.
  18. Process of disputed papers/Unfair Means Cases
  19. Issuance of Result Cards
  20. Arranging/Re totaling of Final Examination papers in consultation with the concerned teacher /Department.
  21. Preparation and Issuance of Final Transcript to pass out students after clearances.
  22. Preparation of Data regarding Annual Convocation
  23. Disposal of Checked Answer Sheets.
  24. Coordinate with departments including Principal Seat regarding all matters pertaining to Examination.

Aims and Objectives

  1. Command over respective field of work.
  2. To conduct examinations in peaceful environment and ensure secrecy and transparency of examinations.
  3. To facilitate the faculty/Staff regarding the academic matters of students and speedy process to resolve their problems.


Ms. Nusrat Rehman

Deputy Controller of Examination
Email: nusrat[@]
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Ext: 378

Mr. Yasir Ali

Assistant Controller of Examination
Email: yasirali[@]
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Ext: 378

Muhammad Sarfraz Khan

Assistant Controller of Examination
Email: msarfraz[@]
Tel: +92-992-383591-5
Ext: 378