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Pharmacist is an integral part of health care system globally and is expert in advising patients in safe and effective use of medications. Pharmacist intervention reduces the financial burden of individual patient, in particular and of a country, in general. WHO recommends involvement of Pharmacist as an essential component of health care system. In Pakistan, the health care system is developing, and pharmacists are employed in the system. However, the available number of pharmacists is not enough. Therefore, there is need to produce more professional and competent pharmacists to take a leadership as expert and advisor on rational and safe use of medication. In view of the present and emerging needs of the pharmacy profession, COMSATS University Islamabad recognized the dire situation and launched the Doctor of Pharmacy program at its Abbottabad Campus in fall 2008. The major theme behind this idea was to play an active role to foster the regional & national health care needs through a broad-based higher and professional education of pharmacy. Today, Department of Pharmacy at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad campus, is among the top national pharmacy institutions and three major programs in run including Pharm.D, MS & Ph.D. Pharmacy. The department has successfully graduated many students and established collaboration (through MoU) with Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad and Kind Abdullah Teaching Hospital, Mansehra for the clinical training of Pharm.D students. For more information on faculty profiles, teaching and research facilities please visit individual components. Thank you for visiting our departmental website.