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Industry-Academia Linkage: Heads of Industries Attended

An Academia Industrial Linkage event was held at CUI, Abbottabad Campus on 29 October 2020. Heads of the following renowned industries attend the event:

  • Holistic health curative
  • Global star granite and marble,
  • Genome pharmaceuticals,
  • Latif Group,
  • Zia Steel rerolling mills,
  • Mashrom pvt ltd, best way,
  • AR processing Hattar,
  • Silver lake Private Limited.
  • Bestway Cement
  • Candle in the Wind

 Director CUI Abbottabad campus in his welcome address expressed his gratitude to all the guests and organizer of the event Mr. Sajid Naeem for arranging this activity. The event was attended by Heads of all departments and centres of CUI, Abbottabad Campus. Heads of IT, CADR, ERC and Mr. Omar Hassan, AP MS dept gave brief presentations about their respective centres and department and how CUI, Abbottabad campus and these industries can collaborate with one another. All invited guests urged to initiate collaborations with CUI, Abbottabad campus.

The guests while sharing their feedback stated that education in various fields imparted by CUI, Abbottabad campus is certainly appreciated but we need to see the outcome in terms of graduates absorbed by relevant industries and organizations and how we can mutually collaborate with each other in this regard. They stated that industries are there to collaborate with CUI, Abbottabad Campus in this regard. Furthermore, all relevant persons of each department can have regular meetings with the industries for working on possible avenues of collaboration. To which management of CUI, Abbottabad Campus gave their consent.

Director CUI, Abbottabad Campus informed the forum that each department has their own Industrial Liaison Committee headed by a Central Liaison Committee and expressed hope that this platform would provide an opportunity for strong interaction of all departments with relevant industries. MoUs for initiation of joint ventures will also be pursued soon.

Efforts of Deputy Registrar (Legal & Liaison) were appreciated by both the invited guests and Director CUI, Abbottabad Campus for his tireless efforts in successful conduct of the event and collaboration in various fields.

At the end, shields were presented to the invited guests by the Director CUI, Abbottabad Campus followed by lunch.



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