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S.NoDepartmentFunding BodyProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start DateMembers
1 Biotechnology Alliance of International Science Organizations, China Energy and Raw Material Recovery from Treatment Sludge as a Conceptual of Zero Waste 15 01 Jan 2021
2 Biotechnology HEC “In-situ microaeration of anaerobic digester co-treating agricultural wastes for enhanced biomethanation” 7.8144 01 Sep 2022
3 Biotechnology HEC Improvement Of Potato Plant Photosynthesis By Engineering Novel Cyanobacterial Carbon Dioxide Concentrating Mechanism 6.5 06 Jul 2016
4 Biotechnology HEC Investigating the symbiotic relationship of ectomycorrhizal and pine trees grown on different soils under elevated O3 and high nitrogen load 6.5 01 Jun 2017
5 Biotechnology NRPU/HEC Induction of transgenerational epigenetic variation for the drought tolerant tomato production. 4.442 01 Dec 2018
6 Biotechnology Higher Education Commission Genetic Engineering of Lycopersicum esculentum for Enhanced Salt Tolerance through Cell Signaling Molecule involved in Multiple Aspects of Salt Tolerance 3.3 01 Jun 2017
7 Biotechnology International Foundation for Science Co-Digestion of Animal and Agro-Industrial Waste for Improved Biogas and Biofertilizer Production in Pakistan 1.2 15 Oct 2019
8 Biotechnology NSLP-PSF Improvement of Carotenoid Contents and Herbicide Tolerance in Transgenic Potato for Commercial Cultivation 0.31 07 Jan 2018
9 Biotechnology COMSATS The impact of drought stress on endoproteases genes expression in maize 0.3 31 Dec 2017
10 Biotechnology COMSATS Evaluation of Antimicrobial potential of plant mediated Ag-nanoparticles and Identification of defensins and cystatin in selected medicinal plants 0.3 31 Dec 2017
11 Biotechnology ORIC, CUI Islamabad Molecular Characterization of Salt Stress Tolerance Mechanism in Eruca sativa. 0.295 01 Jul 2018
12 Biotechnology CUI Use of Clean Technology to Convert Industrial Wastes into Valuable Biomedical Materials by Micro-organisms 0.15 12 Dec 2016
  Total    0