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S.NoDepartmentFunding BodyProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start DateMembers
1 Biotechnology TWAS Synergistic mycorhizodegradation (a clean technology) for remediation of different contaminated soils 0.5 01 Oct 2016
2 Biotechnology HEC Identification and characterization of lead (pb) responsive genes in wheat (Triticuma estivum L.) 0.5 01 Oct 2014
3 Biotechnology HEC Identification of genes involved in phytoremediation from different hyperaccumulators plants and recombinant protein expression, purification, and functional analysis of proteinase inhibitors from medicinal plants 0.5 01 Oct 2013
4 Biotechnology HEC Polymer enhanced biogas production through codigestion of poultry waste 0.484 03 Dec 2018
5 Biotechnology HEC Isolation and Identification of Antibacterial Compounds Producing Bacterial Strains from Soil 0.48 01 Nov 2018
6 Biotechnology COMSATS Metabolic and Genetic Profiling of Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Under Salinity and Drought Stress 0.297 01 Dec 2018
7 Biotechnology ORIC, CUI Islamabad Genetic Transformation of Local Variety of Tomato with Cyanobacterial pepc gene 0.2 23 Jul 2014
8 Biotechnology ORIC, CUI Islamabad Isolation and characterization of aflatoxin B1 degrading bacteria 0.2 01 Jun 2012
9 Biotechnology ORIC, CUI Islamabad Testing a new Agrobacterium-mediated in planta transformation method for local wheat varieties 0.2 01 Oct 2011
  Total    0