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S.NoDepartmentFunding BodyProject TitleWorth (Rs in Million)Start DateMembers
1 Chemistry UNICEF Long Term Agreement (LTA) for the provision of monitoring supervision and engineering works 21.067
2 Chemistry UNICEF Emergency WASH Project Swat/Dir/Buner FATA Project 13.416
3 Chemistry UNICEF Water Quality Improvement and Promotion of Hygiene (WAQIPH-III) Mapping and Sanitary Inspection 11.805
4 Chemistry UNICEF Water Quality Improvement and Promotion of Hygiene (WAQIPH-II) Mapping and Sanitary Inspection 9.507
5 Chemistry Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Counter Ion Engineering in Amphiphiles; A Simple but Effective Way of Manipulating Surfactant’s Properties 9.4 31 Oct 2017
6 Chemistry HEC Surface functionalization of porous silica particles using magnetic & fluorescent surfactants 8.6339 05 Jun 2015
7 Chemistry HEC Bioactivity guided isolation of secondary metabolites from some selected medicinal plants of genera Polygonum & Fragaria 7.756 16 Dec 2014
8 Chemistry CIIT Synthesis spectroscopic characterization , crystallography and microbial activity of the NANO-organomettalic complexes 7
9 Chemistry UNICEF Monitoring and construction supervision of civil works for renewed protection of water supply schemes in AJ&K and NWFP 6.622
10 Chemistry Higher Education Commission Structure-based design and optimization of dihydropyrimidine-pteridine analogues as inhibitors of leishmania pteridine reductase and dihydrofolate reductase 5.2 30 Aug 2017
11 Chemistry UNICEF Water Quality Improvement and Promotion of Hygiene (WAQIPH-I) Mapping and Sanitary Inspection 4.983
12 Chemistry Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Mycotoxins determination in commercially important commodities using flow Injection chemiluminescence detection system 4.453 21 May 2014
13 Chemistry Pakistan Higher Education Commission (HEC) Isolation, Structural Elucidation, and Biological Activity of the Chemical Constituents of the Plants belonging to Family Betulaceae and Apiaceae 3.4 13 Mar 2012
14 Chemistry UNICEF Training and testing of Water quality in Earth-quake affected Districts of NWFP 2.9
15 Chemistry UNICEF WASH facilities with trickling filter and wetland in five schools of Pakistan Administered Kashmir (PAK) 1.81 14 May 2013
16 Chemistry UNICEF Provision of hygiene promotion activities in 25 schools in AJK 1.047 04 Feb 2013
17 Chemistry UNICEF Provision of technical services for WASH in schools programme for design, construction supervision and certification of drinking water facilities in 12 schools in AJK 0.626 01 Jan 2013
18 Chemistry HEC Synthesis and Photocatalyticc properties of titanium phthacyanines axially substituted with tetracyanoquinodimethane and its derivatives 0.5 01 Aug 2013
19 Chemistry HEC Facile synthesis of substituted carbohydrazide building blocks 0.5 05 Nov 2012
20 Chemistry Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan Synthesis of Dye Encapsulated Silica Nanoparticles 0.5 26 Jun 2014
21 Chemistry HEC Pakistan Photocatalytic oxidation of some antibiotics in aqueous media; Mechanistic and Kinetic studies 0.4945 14 Feb 2016
22 Chemistry HEC Pakistan Development of microextraction procedure for the preconcentration of heavy metals 0.4888 14 Jan 2016
23 Chemistry Directorate of Science and Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Optimization of Soil pH for Cultivation and Propagation of Tea (Camellia Sinesis L) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 0.3992 10 Apr 2014
24 Chemistry HEC and University of Gottingen, Germany Structure Identification of Microbial Metabolites Department of Organic and Bimolecular Chemistry, 0.3
25 Chemistry CIIT Visible light photocatalysis towards water treatment 0.2 01 Feb 2014
26 Chemistry CIIT Dual Inhibition of a-Amylase and a-Glucosidase and their Mechanism of Action by Chemical Based Assay and Computational Studies 0.2 29 Dec 2016
27 Chemistry CIIT Effects of rigidity and flexibility on overall stability of proteins in extremophiles 0.2 29 Dec 2016
28 Chemistry CIIT Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Biologically Active Coumarine Derivatives 0.19 19 Mar 2015
29 Chemistry CIIT In silico Identification and In vitro evaluation of prospective inhibitors of alpha glucosidase 0.188 29 Dec 2016
30 Chemistry CIIT Connectivity of nanoparticles in linear and angular pattern; model for molecular electronic studies 0.0825 01 Jan 2014
31 Chemistry COMSATS Effect of doping of alkaline earth metal cations on the bandgap of spinel nickel ferrite nanopowders and study of their photocatalytic activity 0 01 Jun 2015
32 Chemistry HEC Synthesis, characterization and UV studies of the coumarin substituted triazoles, oxadiazoles and pyrazoles 0
  Total    0