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Things you need to Know?

In order to maintain a closer contact with the student at individual level, to resolve issue and to develop mutual understanding, a unique system is adopted at CIIT Abbottabad campus. Each class has a teacher dedicated to them as their ‘Advisor’ hence striving to meet the following;

Role of advisors:

  • The role of advisors is pivotal in academics management.
  • They must develop effective problem solving skills.
  • They should be able to kill the problem at its root.
  • They should always be having effective liaison with their students.
  • They should strive to win trust and faith of their students.
  • Advisory sessions should be so interesting and effective that students wait for it.
  • Conducive environment should be created in the class so that the students open their heart for the advisor.
  • Be a fatherly figure and a role model for their class.
  • They must develop an effective coordination with DOO/DC and HOD office.
  • They must be having an updated knowledge of rules and regulations which are governing academics and discipline of students.
  • Advisors should try to develop moral and ethical values of their students besides developing them fro the professional field.

What benefits can a student get after attending the advisory sessions?

  • Every class has an advisor assigned to them and each week one lecture is specifically allotted for a full fledged advisory session.
  • Students can get a number of issues settled through their advisors.
  • Students get an opportunity to have an interactive session with the rest of the class.
  • They can get any information regarding the rules and regulations of CIIT.
  • Students can be a positive contributor with the advisor to the healthy environment of the campus.