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Academic Regulations

Admission Criteria

All admissions shall be regulated on the basis of merit determined by combining the weighted marks obtained in the entrance test with the weighted marks earned in the previous public examinations, as well as suitability and aptitude for a particular degree program determined through Interview.


  • Upon the display of merit list of the successful candidates, they shall be required to confirm their willingness to enroll by depositing the prescribed fees and charges into the relevant account of the campus. Admission shall only be considered complete if the registration form along with payment of all dues within specified dates is confirmed to the campus registration office.
  • If an applicant fails to confirm his/her enrollment within the notified period, his/her admission shall be cancelled forthwith and the seat shall be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.
  • Admission to one degree program shall not give the candidate an automatic right to transfer to another program, unless specifically allowed with the mutual consent of the two concerned departments on case to case basis, and after approval by the relevant authority.
  • Admission into an academic program may be refused to a candidate for reasons to be recorded

Degree Requirements

To receive a degree, students must complete a set of requirements for that particular degree. Degree requirements for the various academic programs shall be determined by the Academic Council from time to time.

Courses of Study

The courses of study for various academic degrees shall be recommended by the respective Boards of Studies/Boards of Faculties to the Academic Council/Board for approval.

Organization of Teaching

  • Teaching in various courses shall be conducted through lectures, tutorials, discussions, seminars, practical work in laboratories, field work and other methods of instructions as approved by the Academic Council.
  • Teaching shall be conducted by the Institute's teachers or such other persons as may be declared to be "Teachers" by the Institute.
  • Teaching shall be organized through courses specified for each subject and approved by the relevant authorities.
  • English language shall be the medium of instructions.

Registration of Courses

  • At the beginning of each semester, students shall be required to register for a group of courses prescribed for a particular degree program and for a particular semester.
  • Students may register for additional non-credit courses, on successful completion of which a mention shall be made in the transcript, but shall not be used for computation of CGPA.
  • The Chairmen/Heads of Departments shall forward within seven teaching days from the date of the commencement of a semester all the registration forms to the examination section of the campus.
  • A student may change course(s) within five teaching days from the date of commencement of a semester on the recommendations of the teacher(s) concerned. However, course(s) may be dropped immediately after the first sessional test result is known. In that case, no academic penalty will accrue. However, fees paid will not be adjusted.
  • In order to remain a full-time student of the Institute, a student must be registered in at least 12 credit hours of course work during a semester.
  • The maximum credit hours of course work for which a student can register during a semester, shall not exceed 21.


(a) Students shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of tests, classroom assignments, quizzes, practical work in the laboratories, and terminal examinations. The distribution of marks shall be as follows:

Courses without practical/lab work requirement:

  • First Sessional Test 10%
  • Second Sessional Test 15%
  • Quizzes/Assignments 25%
  • Terminal Examination 50%

(b) Courses with practical/lab work requirement:

Theory Part:

  • First Sessional Test 10%
  • Second Sessional Test 15%
  • Quizzes/Assignments 25%
  • Terminal Examination 50%

Practical/Lab work Part:

  • First Lab Sessional Test 10%
  • Second Lab Sessional Test 15%
  • Lab Assignments 25%
  • Lab Terminal Examination/Viva 50%

Note: Marks in courses with practical/lab work shall be calculated as per the following formula: Total % Marks = {(% Theory Marks X theory credit hours) + (%Practical Marks X Practical Credit hours)}/Total Credit Hours

  • The students shall have to pass separately in theory and in practical/lab work. Failure in any one, theory or practical, shall result in failure in the course.
  • The results of the sessional tests and quizzes/ assignments/practical work shall be forwarded by the chairmen/Heads of Departments to the examination section of the campus, on the designated date as reflected in the notified semester schedule of a campus.