Baseband Communications and Signal Processing

Welcome to the Baseband Communications and Signal Processing group at CIIT Abbottabad. The Signal Processing group has been actively teaching courses, conducting research, and publishing results.

The group focuses on the development and implementation of signal processing algorithms with the view that signal processing is a technology which spans a host of application areas.  Since the development of meaningful and potentially useful algorithms is done best with attention to potential applications, our group concentrates on application areas such as: speech and image processing, baseband wireless communications, Brain Computer Interface, and new paradigms in wireless networks, etc.

Focus Areas

1.Base Band Communication

Advanced Receivers in Virtual MIMO:

Different MIMO receive strategies are investigated for networks with cooperative base station. Iterative scheme are particularly interesting as they enable a reduced search space thereby reducing complexity. Resource allocation problems and link to system interface for such networks are also being investigated.

2.Digital signal Processing

Bio Medical Signal Processing

An ECG signal gives a detailed profile on the electrical impulse through which different heart diseases can be detected. The analysis of ECG signals is made difficult due to the artifacts and noises introduced while extracting an ECG. We investigate algorithms that efficiently de-noises ECG signal for subsequent processing and diagnosis of different pathological heart conditions. Similar work has been done with EMG signals, heart murmur sounds, and PC300 brain signals in order to extract and discriminate different signal of interest.

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition

In this area Human-Virtual Environment (VE) interaction involving different modalities are investigated and integrated for a more immersive user experience. The latest computer vision, image processing techniques is explored for human-computer interaction. Image processing techniques have also been applied for bio medical signal processing such as tumor detection etc.