Mining Language Processing and Pattern Analysis (MLPA)

MLPA research group is under the Department of Computer Science, at COMSATS University, in Abbottabad. Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Pattern Analysis are major fields which are coming under the umbrella of MLPA. All of these fields are interrelated and an effective combination of all these fields is a distinguishing feature of the MLPA Group.The members of MLPA Group are related almost of all of above mentioned field.

 Currently the group is in its infancy stage and the research work is focusing only on indigenous languages. With the passage of time the group is growing with an increasing number of teaching staff and researchers, research students and a wide range of projects covering all areas of language processing, pattern analysis and data Mining. The main objective of the MLPA group is to design and build software that will analyze, understand, and generate languages that humans use naturally, so that eventually we will be able to address our computer as we are addressing another person.  This objective is very difficult to achieve due to the ambiguities of the natural languages.  To achieve this objective we combine machine learning techniques with linguistically rich structural representations to efficiently deal with the complexities and ambiguities of natural language.

Focus Areas

Data Mining, Natural Language Processing,Pattern Analysis,Artificial Neural Networks,Information retrieval, Geographical Information System, Bioinformatics and Machine learning