Environmental Nanoscience

Environmental nanoscience research group is focused on the fundamental and applied aspects of the syntheses, characterization and the performance of nanomaterials, e.g., semiconductor materials, graphene quantum dots, nano-porous carbons, nanocomposites, nanoadsorbents, organic and inorganic polymers and plants based graphene etc. The aforesaid newly developed functional nanomaterials are being assessed for different environmental applications such as water and wastewater decontamination, water desalination, and development of new stable/ recyclable materials for toxicity assays. Moreover, the research group aims to develop efficient, low cost, recyclable and reliable nanomaterials for environment remediation. The group’s vision is to develop strong relationship with industry with the aim to develop new nanomaterials for commercial application.


Focus Areas

  • Development of nanomaterials synthesis protocols i.e., green chemical or mechanical route.
  • Design and development of nanomaterials for selective CO2 capture and its utilization into useful products.