Environmental Technology

The challenges require research from a basic understanding of the causes and processes involved, to the development of solutions. The four research themes of air pollution, water quality assessment and treatment, water resource management and solid waste management are identified as our most current emphases and challenges that we will continue to address in the coming years. Design, syntheses, characterization and environmental applications of metal-oxide semiconductors is the main research interest of air pollution control group. Due considerations are given to the management of water resources under future changing climatic conditions. For wastewater treatment, research focus is to address water pollution at industrial to household level through low cost and environmental friendly treatment technologies. Solid waste management issues in the urban environment are also required to be addressed by devising some innovative strategies. We are looking the chemical and microbiological interactions at solid-liquid interfaces in soil environment, where natural waters, organic matter and biological organisms interact with natural solids and environmental contaminants. We are also exploring the bioremediation pathways of pesticides in bacteria, improvement of enzymes having environmental application and determination of pesticide residues in environment.

Focus Areas

  • Air pollution
  • Water quality assessment
  • Wastewater treatment at industrial to household level
  • Water resource management
  • Solid waste management