Climate Change, Disaster and Risk Management

The research group focusing on the agents of climate change and its consequences on the natural and built environment. It emphasize both on the processes and outcomes in the high mountians as well as in the low-lands. The global contribution to climate change, water resources especially glaciers of the Karakoram and its local impacts is also the intesrest of this research group. National policies and strategies and global interventions towards adapatation and mitigation of climate change are quite important aspect under investigation by this group. The local institutions (formal and informal) and perceptions on climate change provide the base for further to this research group. Environmental dynamics of upper Indus basin, floods, landslides and drought in the mid and lower country are key areas of research. The post disaster/crises livelihoods and rehabilitation is another thematic areas of this research group.

Focus Areas

Climate Change and Adaptation

Post Diaster Relief and Rehabilitation

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

Local Perceptions on Climate Change and Adaptation