COMSATS Network Research Group (CNRG)

COMSATS network research group (CNRG) is the oldest group in Department of Computer Science. The group is led by Dr. Kashif Bilal. The CNRG consists of 14 MS researchers, 1 Ph.D. researchers, 4 lecturer, 1 Assistant Professor and 3 Ph.D. faculty members.  Currently, the CNRG is working in multiple research directions such as edge computing, cloud computing, data centers, and data center networks, green computing and communication, computer networks, and ad hoc networks. Weekly meeting is held on Thursday afternoon. The group has active international collaborations. International collaborators belong to North Dakota State University, Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna University of Technology Austria, and the University of Malaya Malaysia. Most of the alumni of the group are currently pursuing their PhDs in different countries including Austria, Spain, US, and Malaysia.

The CNRG has always been a leader in trending research areas and innovative network technologies. For now, the focus of CNRG is on large-scale systems, recommender systems, and computer networks.

Focus Areas

Large Scale Networks, Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Recommender Systems, Computer Networks, Internet of Things, Network on Chips