Electrical Power and Control Systems (EPCS) Research Group

There is no Power without Control and the vice versa is inevitable. Power and Control are natural partners and go side by side in the modern day research. Multi-disciplinary research in power and control systems addresses the challenges encountered by electric utilities. The group strives to develop intelligent adaptive and model free predictive control algorithms for FACTS and HVDC transmission systems to provide optimal solutions when the system is subjected to severe disturbances.  The group has also launched an initiative to diagnose online power system faults and develop fault-tolerant adaptive control techniques for FACTS, HVDC transmission systems and DFIG-Wind turbines.


The EPCS research group also conducts research in hybrid power system connected to power grid (Fuel cell, Photovoltaic and wind turbine) by addressing the synchronization, maximum power tracking control, power-flow and stability problems.       


Focus Areas


Power System Dynamics, Stability and Control, FACTS and HVDC, Hybrid Power System, Smart Grid, Intelligent Control (Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic), Adaptive Control, Predictive Control, Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control.